• Hours: Monday – Friday: 5:30am – 12:00am
    • Saturday & Sunday: 5:00am-12:00
    • (805) 623-8962
    • Call ahead as our operating hours will be open longer as the season changes.
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Best Self-service Laundromat in Santa Maria & Surrounding Areas

What We Do

Self Service Wash & Dry

We provide the Industries most advanced washers and dryers manufactured by Dexter here in the USA. All of our washers are tagged “Express” for their ability to leave your clothes cleaner and dryer all within a 23 minute cycle time do to their extremely high extraction speed. Our 3600Sqft facility has an assortment of washers ranging from your smallest 20# load, all the way up to the jumbo 90# load perfect for cleaning multiple comforters at once.

Everything you need to wash and dry your clothes is all made available here at Neighborhood Laundry. Just bring in your clothes and we can take care of the rest. Bill to bill changer available, Bill to Coin Changer available, Cash withdrawal available, soap, fabric softener and bleach all for sale.

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Same day WASH, DRY, FOLD all for $1.25/ Pound

Our friendly staff will take and weigh your warn clothes and give you a ticket with your total cost to pick up and pay when you return. We guarantee same day fluff-n-fold for all items delivered before 5pm.

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Kid Friendly

Neighborhood Laundry is the first Laundromat and only laundromat at its time to provide an indoor playground for free. Housed in an enclosed 400Sqft space, your kids will enjoy a two-story play place equipped with a rock climbing wall, sit and spin, enclosed slide, memory game, padded floor space to run around, and more. All activities are within eyesight with large glass windows and folding tables looking into the playground making it a great way to fold while the kids play.

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Who We are

Neighborhood Laundry is a self-service laundromat dedicated to maintaining a clean and friendly environment. We embrace the idea that our laundromat is a melting pot of our community and neighborhood and strive to create an environment that is comfortable for everyone. We provide fun and energetic music along with entertaining videos that play on large TV’s to keep you entertained while folding. If you prefer your own content, log into our free WIFI and enjoy your favorite content from your own device. Need that extra boost of energy before taking on the laundry? No problem. We provide free coffee every day all day!

Neighborhood Laundry picked its location because of its ease of accessibility. With plenty of parking and easy street and ally access, getting to us is simple. Simply park, roll a laundry cart to your car and find the machine you need.

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Self Service


2 Load (20 LB)

Quantity at Location: 10

3 Load (30 LB)

Quantity at Location: 15

4 Load (40 LB)

Quantity at Location: 6

6 Load (60 LB)

Quantity at Location: 6

9 Load (90 LB)

Quantity at Loaction: 6


30 LB Dry

$0.25 for 10 Minutes
Quantity at Location:26

50 LB Dry

$0.25 for 10 Minutes
Quantity at Location: 28

80 LB Dry

$0.25 for 8 Minutes
Quantity at Location: 3


Dexter Washers are bolted into high strength concrete because of their ability to spin at an incredibly high speed. Spinning at 200G forces, all the water gets pulled out of your cloths, and along with the water comes dirt particles that would otherwise get left behind from a washer that spins at a typically slower rate. Since the washers do most of the work extracting the water, time spend in the dryers are cut down significantly. Washer cycle times are 23 Minutes, and Dryer times vary between 10 and 30 minutes.